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Engirimo precedentan Tabora.
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  And became the fourth inhabitant of Nimrod.
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Tata ast platinsna tan endilisnan sferan ta 蘭本帝国幕府.
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Ir padrodibu tatan en visamas svene teritorijamas.
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En tmo mistan ast pavakimas gedulas.
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Kremldik nacïstik obanı toqtatıñız!
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Tata buvintаmas butvanit dilasties micronacionalizma ir bilaprojectisnas.

Empero Ross-Ajsbergan tata gini microaglomeracijan Emeraldan (ta Smaragda calva), catan niast dalis tas Teritorijas Soinzlin.
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wa participa a les resident di omny les urb et les membr di CŒDC .
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Tatas galvitvanit Vitin 2022 metamas.

  En garbin pirmas metisnas tas Visan Victin ast enstatibumas pamentisnan tan medalin ir ast demas galvamas tan Visan Victi todan-celian.
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The Principality of New Lubenia, having met it among the first on the planet, sees in it many new challenges to the whole world. May the Lord give the strength to overcome them. Look up to the future - with hope and courage.
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Dilatva prasenilgitvanit 24-ma secines.
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The Central and Northern Wards of the former city of Tyrshavn on the Australian continent, which was part of the Uskor (formerly Zealandia) micronation, are also attached to it as an administrative center. The Reichshogunate appealed to the Commonwealth of the South Pacifis with a request to take the territory of Uschor-Zeêlandia under a nominal protectorate.
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  Legion of Honor: Arseny B., Nicolas S.
  White Cross, I: Rev. Dmytro P., Olha B. OLHL
  Cross of Merit: Daria B., Hanna Z.
  Sambian cross: Zmicier R.
  St. Adalbert cross: Rev. Pavils L., Sander R. OLHL
  Resident medal: Michael D., Ludmiła N.
  Golden Sambian medal: Alexander S.
  Silver Sambian medal: Danilo P., Vitaly M., Danilo de G., Ivan M.
  St. Adalbert medal: ... Read more »
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Представникы подѣлили ся з' пытанья выносити іого на Загальный Референдумъ чи ратифи̂кувати окремо по мѣстахъ. Згôдно закону вырѣшальнымъ у такому выпадку має бути голосъ Князя.
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  The state award was solemnly presented at the mass on the last Sunday of Advent.

The cross is the senior degree of the St. Adalbert medal and is awarded for significant services in international, church and educational activities to diplomats, clergymen, persons with a scientific degree, as well as to persons previously awarded the St. Adalbert medal.
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Ta Cuninga programa dilagan itvanit visimas mistamas.
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