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And the allocation of the Roosevelt Territory for it.
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Ir ta gatoinsculis ast atcloma.
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The Prince and the Government of New Lubenia are deeply concerned about the barbaric course of the construction of a "pedestrian bridge" to the western part of Knipaw Island (a suburb of the capital of New Lubenia, Jupiter City) and the fate of the uncovered foundation, presumably a medieval tower. We call on the occupying "power" of the so-called "Kaliningrad" to stop the deliberate distortion of the historical image of the city, which is a world cultural heritage (see Seven Bridges of Königsberg), and to cancel the construction of the bridge, as well as give an opportunity to conduct a comprehensive archaeological research.

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Ta Cuninga Resindenqija en Antarctide paimibu statun tas Kersoni-Akkara-Sebastopoli teritorijas projexian.
Enbelititve herbas ast kitavidinmas.

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Pa prasisnamas tas galvamista pertreptvan en Antarctide.
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Apvarisne en tmo macrotodan malerotvas concursei.

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  Sovereign Prince Olaf I receives with deep gratitude from Her Royal Highness Tanishkaa Patranabish CLHL, the Rajpramukh of Beltola, the Sah-Rashtradhyaksh of State of Vishwamitra, high honor of her home state - First Class Membership of the Most Esteemed Royal Family Order of Beltola.
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Tas pisalian paketas tmo Centra Vitini per ocetintvan bu pagatoinimas.
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Some of the employees go on an archaeological expedition. Upon completion, the Admissions Committee will begin work.
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